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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hmmm, I think I missed it

As I flew back home in November, I felt reassured that with almost a month to go before the holidays that I had plenty of time to get things done ~ you know, organize myself and make sure that I was prepared for the holidays, despite being out of practice from spending the past 2 years on the ship for the 'Big Day'. Well as it turns out, despite the additional time, I was no more prepared for 'THE' day than I would have been had I stayed on the ship.

Dad and I came bacck to Southampton from the Lavery/Loveys household on the 23rd which left one vital day left to get things done. I surveyed my previous purchases and realized I have yet to really start the 'purchasing' phase. While this hsould have rang panic bells and whistles or something, I didn't seem to be overly fussed and went about the days tasks ~ going to the grocery store, doing some investigatory leg work for our potential Boxing Day specials, having a donut at Timmy's and returning home to decorate the tree that still stood bare.

Christmas eve was low key, with a dinner of pasta, and we (Dad and I) parked ourselves on the couch, not being moved by the notion of going to the carol service which is what traditionally happens on Christmas Eve ~ rather the only creature stirring in this house might have been a mouse. In the morning, we had our breakfast but didn't open any presents under the tree and prepared for our Prime Rib dinner.

Boxing day arrived and with it we flew to Owen Sound in search of our bargins again asking each other 'what do you want for Christmas???'. The radio stated that the average Boxing Day consumer would purchase 230-ish dollars on Boxing Day ~ this number was clearly surpased by us, but we didn't spend outrageously which I am often guilty of over the holidays. We then touted all of our 'deals' into the house when we got home and Dad announced that we needed to WRAP the gifts. WHAT?? I thought as he brought the paper, tape and scissors into the room. I couldn't help but laugh at the notion that I was, on Boxing Day, sitting next to the Christmas tree, wrapping MY 50% off already discounted gift from Dad only to know that I would be opening this a week later. I sure hope I have the look of surprise!

While it all seems a bit ass backwards, I can admit that I didn't miss the urgent running around the mall like a chicken missing it's head wondering if I had purchased the right gift for everyone. The cards, yeah, those didn't get out this year, although the holiday baking did manage to get done and then in the course of 2 weeks managed to securely attach itself to my butt and thighs. Perhaps I should have asked for a workout video ~ who am I kidding??? That waits for the new year.

So somehow, despite being home for a month before the day, I feel like maybe I missed something ~ but then again maybe I didn't and I just got what the holidays are suppose to be about... good food, family, friends and a firm assurance that any gifts I will get are the ones I want. What more could a girl ask for other than the chance to do this again next year with Akis...


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