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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Oh what a mess...

Many thanks to Kevin for letting me keep my stuff at his place. And before I wore out my welcome, I decided it was time to collect my goods, pack them and take them off to the storage place. Well I don't think I realized just how much I had there.

I decided to take advantage of the time both Beth and Marc were out of the apartment and collected my things from Kevin's and brought them here to pack. I am very glad that Beth was not here as I think she may have had a bit of a heart attack looking at all my stuff spread out.

As it was, she came home to find her closet FULL of boxes. As a side note, VW convertibles, are capable of carrying NINE 1.5 cu ft boxes and still has room for more in the trunk. Marcus ~ you rock, a mover extraordinare.

The final 'big stuff' was moved by Kev ~ who knew his car could double as a moving van!! Kev ~ I appreciate your help ~ if you drank coffee, I'd give you STARBUCKS!!

Next big task ~ moving my suitcase from Beth's house to Canada Place to get my butt on a ship for 2 weeks vacation. I know, I know ~ who would have thought I would get on a ship while on holidays. I guess I am a bit of a nutter!!


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