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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Where were you when Canada won the first GOLD?

The Men's mogul event was up at Cypress ~ and after seeing the women the previous day, I was onboard with going out to watch the men. The favourite to win the gold was the Aussie who is in fact a Canadian but for various reasons has opted to compete for the Land Down Under. The Aussie's wanting to rally around suggested a meeting at the pub.

Akis and I headed down and took in the volumes of people on Robson and Granville. WIth streets closed, it is remarkable to see how many people can fill the streets. We made our way over to the pub and found ourselves a seat to take in the event.

It was quite moving and you realize how patriotic you can be when you see someone from your country coming out on top. I think what was even more moving was the way Alex Bilodeau is portrayed. From what the media has portrayed, he is a humble man, with a love for his family and a great respect for his brother ~ it couldn't have been a better moment for him, or a more fitting person to go down in history as the first Canadian to win gold here at home.


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