Carrie's Adventures

Sunday, February 04, 2007

The final straws...

The past month has been challenging to say the least. The countdown has been on and knowing that Manolis is coming back on the 15th was music to my ears.

The auditor came onboard along with his boss. Of course the first view he gets of me is taking in a Stone Massage trying to unwind a bit. Figured this was the best way to start off the audit ~ much to my surprise, he thought so too and decided a photo was in order.

The rest of the week went fairly well with the audit completing and my results were higher than what they had been in August. Must mean I'm doing something right...

Flip side to that is the conversation we had about a new product which is being launched onboard. The result of this will be that my team grows from 2 to 5 which in itself isn't bad. What is challenging at the moment is that we are the first ship to undergo this change and there are some pretty major obstacles that we need to overcome ~ including finding staff!

So it is now less than a week until the project kicks off and our Live date is 36hrs after the kick off date ~ needless to say there are a few emails flying around and and I can't believe that in my last cruise, we not only have to hand over, redo the audit for handover but also kick off this project and lay groundwork for a project that will occur the cruise after. So much for sailing off quietly into the sunset.

Must say that this has been consuming a lot of my time and you know when you are done and it is time for vacation. The lack of enthusiasm in just about everything, and the constant state of sleep ~ and I am talking about more than what is considered Lavery normal ~ this has all been telling me that I am over due to go home.

Wrinkle in the plan as I discovered Friday is that Manolis is still waiting for his new passport back in Greece. As a result, he is unable to travel out of the country ~ more specifically to join the ship, and I think I am in a hold pattern until he gets here. Pretty soon I'll be sending cash to Greece to get the damn thing faster!

Anyway, when all is said and done, Akis keeps telling me 'think about the money'. I guess he of all people can say that as he has had to put up with my grumpy moods and running commentary on the MUPPETS I encounter. But surely to God there has to be a light at the end of this tunnel somewhere!

Now if that ain't a look, I'm not sure what is... and this is almost permanently stuck on my face! Bring on the VACATION!