Carrie's Adventures

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Our big day in Skagway

Skagway ~ a small town in the Alaskan archipelago. It was originally a 'tent town' which bloomed in the late 1800's for the Gold Rush. Looking around town, not much has changed from the original building structures, so it really does feel like you are stepping back in time.

It was interesting to see the art on the rocks next to the pier ~ each of the ships with their season and captain was listed. Ironically enough, there was a sign for the Infinity. It was on a piece of sign board and only listed the Captain's name and the Ship name ~ sort of like the rest didn't count... Not even a season ~ oh well, to each their own...

We did step back in time when we went for lunch ~ a restaurant that still allows you to smoke. Akis could have spent all day here. I was somewhat shocked to see that the gratuity for lunch was hand written onto the bill. I understand when there are large groups or if something states it on the menu that the gratuity is included, but to have the waitress impose her own tip by handwriting it on the bill seemed a bit much. So yes, I chose to leave nothing. Some people may not agree with me, and it was unfortunate for the waitress as I would have tipped her at least what she put on the bill had she not written it.

Akis and I spent the rest of the day in and out of Jewellery shops and we stumbled on Jewels of Alaska. Manny showed us a ring and we knew that was it. 2.5 hours to resize it and Akis was grateful that we had finally made a decision.

After we went back to pick it up, we wandered back through town and taking a different path to the ship, we came to the creek. As we crossed, Akis told me to stop, and this is where he asked the 'formal' question.

We spent the evening showing folks onboard our latest purchase and celebrating with a few drinks in the Martini Bar and being serenaded followed by more drinks in the Crew Bar. Wahoo ~ we found the ring!

Last day in San Fran

Hmmm ~ San Francisco. I have been here a few times, but never been through the Wharf during the day or seen the cable cars. I was to join the ship here on the 7th and took the opportunity to check out the city before the ship pulled into port. (Good thing it was late!!)

Here were some shots of the scenery. My last moments of freedom for the next 6 months!

Sea Lions ~ noisy buggers.

The steep hills of San Fran...

My long awaited encounter with the cable car...

The crookedest street in the city.

Famous Pier 39

The famous Alcatraz

Liz's wedding

My original date to return to the ship was May 1st, however when I heard that Liz was getting married on the 5th, it was something that I didn't want to miss. Liz comes from a large family ~ 3 brothers of her own and her mom and dad come from families of 8 and 7 respectively. Needless to say the majority of the invitation list was family!

I arrived at the farm on Friday morning to discover that I had just missed Liz. The gals had headed into Sarnia to take things to the hall. Fortunately for me, her cousin Cheryl forgot the lemons and had to turn around. I met Liz at the hall and was on hand to help with the last minute details ~ taking the centre pieces to the hall, the mix, picking up the wine and beer for the rehersal dinner and oh yes, being told that I was going to read the next day at the wedding. Thankfully it was the clanging gong and clashing symbol one ~ I had done that before!

The hall itself was fantastic. There were glass windows that overlooked the river ~ it would be great.

At the rehersal, I met the famous Father Dan. I can understand why Liz wanted him to come back to the parish to marry her and Athan.

After going through the motions, we made a quick pit stop to see Athan's 'potentially new to him car'. Known as a cruck to the Gerrits, the Aussies perfer to call it a UTE. I have yet to hear if they were able to acquire the 'beauty'!

My job on the big day was to help Ian get the liquor from the Liquor Store up to the hall, set out the centre pieces and then get ready. Liz clipped the cedar to go under the pieces, Ian, Athan and I picked up the truck and we were off.

Loading the liquor from the back door of the Liquor shop, you could tell we were in a small town and Liz's dad pulled up to give us the wine. As we headed towards Sarnia, I insisted on heading to Timmy's for some caffiene. We missed getting the corkscrews that were handed out to everyone, so Liz's dad had to follow us into town. Only he was ahead of us and we finally caught up to him at the off ramp into the main street. He was not pleased as it was a 25 minute drive each way.

We set things up and returned to the farm. Once we got there, discovered that fantastic flowers had been delivered from Athans family who could not make it from Australia AND nobody picked up the flowers. Liz's dad, ranting that he again had to go into town, had some quality bonding time with me as we headed in, took the trees we also forgot.

Once the trees were placed on the tables and the flowers picked up, we headed home. It was time to get dressed. The family started to arrive and the picture taking began. The proud Daddy!

It was a good thing the church was close as we left at 4:20 and things were to start at 4:30pm. The ceremony was beautiful and the reading went relatively well. I must say it was my first Catholic wedding and boy they sure can be long when that communion in included.

The reception hall as on the top floor with windows overlooking the river. It was fantastic. Unfortunately I don't have many photos of the reception. I left that to Liz's friends Wally and Pam.

The day was great for both Liz and Athan. Athan had his cousin and her daughter come from Hamilton to represent his side and we also took part in some Greek dances. (Akis would have loved it...) Liz had all of her brothers there, including Ian and his wife Alison who came from Alberta.

For me it was great to spend time with Liz's family. There is something incredibly entertaining about it all. There is mass chaos all the time, especially when Michael is home. This was no exception. I'm glad I was able to be there ~ only drawback is that the original plan of a house with 2 cats is now out the window!