Carrie's Adventures

Saturday, May 07, 2011


So after arriving home from Greece, we had Akis' graduation. In efforts to try an make him look dapper for the day, I offered to iron his gown. Well that turned out to be a bit of a disaster as the gown doesn't appear to be constructed from anything non-flamable. So yes, even on a low setting, I managed to burn a hole right through the damn thing. Here is my attempt at a stitch job... so you'll have to excuse the wrinkles.

Doesn't he look great?

The crew marching in for the ceremony:

The expensive piece of paper!

Yahoo, we made it.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Greece for Easter

With the wee one on the way, Akis and I decided that the best time to go back to visit his family would be over Easter. Akis is particularly fond of this holiday and the roasted lamb. I must say, not loving lamb, the whole lamb on a spit isn't really what I'm looking forward to with our return trip.

We also figured that it would be a good time to go as I wouldn't be too big to be uncomfortable for the flight, yet I would be big enough to recognize that there is a bit of a belly growing.

The flights were as you would expect. Knowing that I needed to get up and walk around more, I wasn't able to just curl up and sleep and this made the flight longer for me. In true Carrie fashion, we did cut things pretty close ~ arriving at the AC counter with about 3 minutes left for the woman to check us in, looking for the gate in Toronto and having to hop on a motorized cart to get there on time, it wasn't a calm way to start the travels.

We spent a lot of time with family and catching up with Akis' friends. We had hoped that the weather would be nice while we were there, but alas, it rained and wasn't more than 18C. So aside from the food and the company, we could have been in Vancouver!

We did spend some time in Plaka ~ love it there.

And of course there was the big Easter event. The day started early with Papou (grandpa) preparing the lamb and getting it on the coals. The lamb is hand turned and I must say there is a definite dedication to the whole process. Akis managed to consume his fair share of red wine with Uncle Yiannis and was half blitzed by the time we sat down to lunch. It was a house full of folks as Aunt Tula hosted everyone.

Lamb Prep:

The feast:

In catching up with friends, we did manage to meet Lefteria. She was born the day we left Greece in 2009. Who could resist such a cute face?

And of course there was the family. Everyone was excited to see me ~ aka 'the vessel'. There were plenty of belly rubs and views of the ultrasound photos we brought with us. There is a great insistence that the baby be a boy. However as I kept saying ~ 'it wasn't up to me'. Papou and Yiayia want a girl, so I figure either way I'm covered.