Carrie's Adventures

Friday, October 13, 2006

The 3 month mark

Today marks the 3 month mark ~ I am halfway through... WAHOO! I tell you, I know now why the Managers have 4 month contracts, I am beat. The past week or so has seen me trying to catch up on some sleep and generally feel a bit more human.

It's amazing what can happen onboard. I don't think you realize but your whole life can suddenly start to be just about work. You live where you work, so escape can be difficult unless you make a concerted effort. To date I have not done a good job in making that concerted effort. This is what I am going to work on doing better the rest of this contract.

As with everything, this contract has had it's ups and downs. The laughs often come from my assistant Manolis and his ongoing battle with self inflicted injuries and his damn glasses. It seems everytime I turn around, those damn glasses are broken. He spent a week like this ~ now how disconcerting is it to try and give some serious news to someone who looks like this?!?

Yes, those are his glasses in 2 pieces that he wore for a week.

The other really big up was the visit from my Dad. He came to visit shortly after my birthday ~ 6 days after ~ and as he mentioned, it was probably the closest he has seen me to my birthday in years. It was unfortunate that the day wasn't better (it was cold, rainy and windy) but it was very good to see him and Jane and you realize after you see them, just how much you miss them.

I have also received emails from friends who have made some pretty big steps in their lives ~ moving house, having more babies, taking family vacations to exotic lands, getting married ~ life seems to keep moving on whether you are around to witness it or not. Even if I can't be there, I do appreciate the updates, knowing that they are happy and healthy and following their 'Bliss'.

So the next few months, I am making a vow to get out a bit more and stop being such a hermit in my cabin. While hermit is comfortable and I get plenty of sleep, I also think I miss out on a lot.
* I am on lesson 20 of my Greek CDs ~ so yes, I will need to pick that up and get moving. No wonder Akis keeps on me saying I'll finally be able to have a conversation when we have Grandchildren... ha, I say to that, I will take that challenge. Look Greece, here comes the lingustically challenged Canadian who is going to try speaking Greek! And I have until I see him again in January or February of next year to get my act in gear.
* I have started doing Pilates in the cabin. While this can be a bit challenging with the space and the movement of the ship, I feel that it is important to really commit to keeping healthy. Health is one thing I don't think you can take for granted.
* The other big project for Akis and I is figuring out when/where we are going to go back to land. Being apart on ships just isn't sustainable, so we are looking over our options, which includes where to live, where to work... It's a big task, but we will need to make the jump at some point!

Otherwise, things continue to carry on. The weather here on the East coast is relatively good for this time of year, but is still cold. Looking forward to the transition to the Caribbean and returning to the beach. Hopefully things come together for the family to come and visit over the holidays. Seems they must have enjoyed it last year as they are looking to come again!

That's about all for now ~ will post some photos from the lovely Eastern coast. Work calls... =)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Halifax, Nova Scotia

It was a beautiful day, but I was on a mission. Looking to sort out some 'banking woes' I took a stroll along the boardwalk in search of the city. The day was warm and a bit of a contrast to the previous day in Newfoundland. I managed to find the Timmy's at the end of the boardwalk. You definitely know you are home when you find Tim's on every corner.

You could take a tug boat tour around the harbour, and I seem to recall the restuarant in the back being the one Dad and I went to when we were on our 'Eastern tour'. I didn't get a chance to have the Keith's but I did appreciate the 'I am Canadian' beer posters on the side of the building.

There were a number of ships docked on the edge of the pier. The 'Bluenose' was one of them. Funny ~ doesn't quite look like the one on the dime!