Carrie's Adventures

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Prepping for the move...

With the official date of possession being the 30th of December, we are now looking to get everything lined up and in order. The calls have been made to change over the services, and we are now on the hunt for movers. I did get an initial quote, however I just about fell off my chair and have been making some calls. Hopefully this week it will all come together.

We did have the deficency walk through ~ I guess this is the nice part of getting something new, you get to be picky and tell them to fix their mistakes! In seeing the house, we have become excited all over again on where we will call home in 2.5 weeks. Here's Akis taking a look.

We do have a view of the mountains ~ the best view is from the second bedroom, but you can still see them and know they are there! The first one is from the living room and the other is the 2nd bedroom.

The Master bedroom. It is a bit small, but it fits the bed and has access to the balcony.

The Kitchen

The livingroom which is the open space off the kitchen

The balcony off the livingroom

The second bedroom

Our Bathroom

And 'yahoo' for the in-suite laundry

They do have communal plots which are just out the back. It is a small gardening spot that will allow us to plant the tomatoes. One of our first things will be to check with the Strata to see what we need to do to be able to use one of these.

When it was all said and done, we headed out for coffee ~ to sit and ponder our new beginning.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Owners of a big mortgage

This is where we will now call home. It is not in the same neighbourhood where we are now ~ it is about 5 km east on Commercial Drive. It is close to transit, close to 'the drive' which has a number of coffee shops and is known for showing a lot of European Cup games.

We are on the North side of the building and if you look between the trees, you might see downtown and the mountains. Being close to transit, Akis is a 5 minute train ride to school. We are both excited about the move and realize that we now own 63 square feet ~ while the bank owns the rest, we are excited to make it our own. Akis is excited as the space is a bit small and this makes a stronger case for him to get a flat screen.

The move is on December 30th ~ here's to all the arranging!