Carrie's Adventures

Monday, August 15, 2011

Camping at Golden Ears

I had been trying all summer to find an opportunity to take Akis for his first camping experience. Enjoying the outdoors ~ the trees and beauty of it all ~ I figured he would really appreciate and enjoy sitting around a campfire and taking in the experience.

With a less than ideal summer and my still working Monday to Friday, the opportunities to actually head out and give this a go were few and far between. We did finally manage to give it a try ~ and by the time we got our crap together and presented ourselves at the gatehouse on an August Saturday, the campground was full and had a waiting list. Having previously worked at a campground, I am familiar with the whole process and just needing to wait, I was also aware that the pickings of the sites became slimmer the further down the list you are. Do have to say, we got the second last site and the choice was either beside the bathroom or beside the playground. Having the bladder compressed constantly, it wasn't a difficult choice ~ just hoped that the bathrooms didn't smell!

So once we got to the site, we did our best to set everything up. Akis was quite excited about the opportunity to use the new tent. I think our neighbours looked at us a bit funny as we spent our time pulling new equipment out of a box and assembling it, all with a big ol' belly going on.

We were the recipient of a very long leash and I remember wondering what on earth we would ever need that for ~ turns out this worked very well at the site. Anchored to the table, Hugo had reign of the site and yet was able to stay put!

Akis definitely enjoyed his new chair and comfy spot by the fire. The thought that he could sit and drink his 'Hard Lemonade' in amongst the trees was a bonus.

We did have some 'assembly required' equipment. What's a trip without some IKEA moments?

Enjoying our day at the park!

Akis did enjoy the campfire ~ despite the high price tag for the bundles ~ it was great. I love sitting around the fire and enjoying the smell of the burning wood! Not to mention, it was a great opportunity for Akis' first SMOR experience.