Carrie's Adventures

Thursday, November 23, 2006

My great stops in Quebec City

I was very lucky to have visitors while we were docked in Quebec City. First time into the port my Dad and his girlfriend Jane came to visit. It was a bit of a drama at first as the Captain decided that he didn't like the location of his berth in Halifax, so he told them he wasn't going to come that day. So we ended up changing our itinerary to accommodate our parking... This meant that I was going to be in Quebec City a day later than expected. Thankfully Dad got the message and was able to hang out for another day to visit. The only draw back was the weather. Apparently the day we were suppose to be there was sunny and beautiful. The day we arrived, windy and wet. Oh well I guess you can't win them all.

I was pretty tired, so I spent the afternoon with Dad and Jane walking around and discovering the city in the drizzle. Then went out later for my Birthday dinner. Dad mentioned that it was probably the first time in many years that we had seen each other so close to my birthday. Ironically enough, we went to the same restaurant for dinner that we did for lunch ~ must mean the food was pretty darn good!

Photos with Jim and Jane:

The second set of visitors I had was my friends Janice and John. It has been a couple years since I have seen them and they graciously drove from Ottawa down to Quebec City to spend a couple hours with me. Now I do have to give them credit ~ cause I totally suck at giving directions ~ or maybe it is just identifying major landmarks. When she asked how she could find me, I told her that we were right on the river, just in front of the hotel. What I did incorrectly here was tell her that it was the Chateau Laurier and not Chateau Frontenac. So these guys, the troupers they are, had to scale the walls down to the river, and hike over a km to get to the ship. Put a bit of a dent into the time we could spend and John gave me no end of grief, as he should given that I just made him go through a psuedo combat exercise to find me.

The day with Janice and John started at the same restaurant I had lunch/dinner with Dad and Jane. We were more fortunate in that the weather this day was sunny and relatively warm. Made the stroll around the area far more pleasant.

Photos with John and Janice:

My final event was an attempt to find Tim Horton's for Manolis ~ low and behold, we were in a Canadian City and unable to find a Tim's. Who would have thought! We did manage to find some snow though....

It was great to see everyone looking and doing so great. It makes me realize that with all my jet-setting ways, I need to make sure that I remember to keep in touch with those who are around me. It can be so easy to lose contact. So this is my renewed attempt in keeping in touch ~ cause I have great friends and family. As another friend of mine is apt to say ~ Lucky, Lucky Carrie.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Very over due update ~ St. John, New Brunswick

Well we were only here once ~ and it has been so long I'm not even sure what the date was. I think it was in September either on our way down to Cape Liberty or during our first New England cruise. How sad is that?

I remember parts of the town from when Dad and I came through on our road trip before I moved to Vancouver. The town is still small, still cute. The big draw for the area are the rocks at the Bay of Fundy. Had I realized this was our ONLY stop here, I would have looked into getting on a tour and seeing more of the area. Guess this is what I get for 'flying by the seat of my pants'...

This one cracks me up ~ our crew TV channel is called Below Deck. And just seems somehow appropriate. Reminds me of the saying we had at Class ~ what goes on the road, stays on the road. Makes you think there are some good stories out there that we will never hear!