Carrie's Adventures

Monday, February 20, 2006

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

So what is one to do with all of this Mexican food around? Well, go out and order more... The boss man was onboard from Miami to do an audit ~ yes, I am suppose to be working here ~ and we managed to find our way out into Cabo.

When I first told Beth I was doing the Riviera she said 'Oh good lord, Cabo San Lucas...' but I think it has changed in the years since she has been here with Royal. They have actually built up the marina and it has quite the nice boardwalk area. From my window in the office I am able to look out at the beach and I hear there is some good snorkelling there. So I think this will have to be one of those ~ yet to explore places and will have to head out again next cruise!

Acapulco, Mexico (Take 1)

Have never been to Acapulco, but it is one of those places that you seem to always hear about ~ a destination location. And that is just what it is for us on Mercury... With the ship arriving around 7am and not leaving until 11pm, you feel like you can actually go out and experience the city without worrying that you are going to miss the last call to the ship.

Martha having been out here before had decided 'Mama, we're going out...'

We left late afternoon and headed to the restaurant ~ but out front they had lounges and the thatched huts that make Mexico, hmmm well Mexico. We promptly put our butts down, ordered strawberry daquairis and enjoyed what remained of the day.

I must say however, despite the view, I was not impressed with the beach. I walked down to enjoy the water, and we all know how I love the beach, but to my disappointment, found garbage floating. Yep plastic and wrappers and just overall unappealing. I opted to pass on the swim ~ and it just about broke my heart... From there, Martha was talked into the 'back rub' that came with the chair, and the 30 dollars. But after the experience, she got up, looked at me and said 'It was PERFECT mama'. Perhaps this is the new location for my weekly massage...

We finished up the drinks and then moved upstairs to the restaurant where the dining was not quite 5 star, but hey, they had fresh salsa... and a beautiful sunset!!

While the view was good, the beach was still below par ~ overall, think it may be a thumbs down... =(

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

How do you spell 'embarrassment'?!?

When you arrive on board, and the person you are replacing has yet to leave, you are left with the conundrum of where your cabin will be. In this case, I have been given a Guest Cabin ~ nice outside cabin with a big window. It is great ~ except for my pets. It would seem I have migrated from the Koy to some other 'creatures' that seem to like to snack on me in the evening. So yes, I am now covered with bites.

With this discovery the first step is to let Housekeeping know ~ they spray the room and bugs be gone. I also managed to tell the Assistant Housekeeper while I was in the mess getting Tea. Well action was quick and before I knew it, everyone had descended on the cabin to 'investigate'. Something I hadn't considered when I left the room. So you can imagine my horror when I realized that people were going to be checking everything out, with my underwear on the bed beside and even better, some 'unspeakable personal objects' were in the room...

I head back to my room after what I feel would be a sufficient amount of time for people to evacuate and therefore I don't need to face, only to be told after I go in to pick up a couple things, not to enter the room ~ it has been sprayed and needs to remain closed for 1hr. So I survey the room, determine maybe my embarrassment isn't as bad as it could be and move on.

Next stop, medical facility to stop the itch. With this maneuver, I think I have now officially pissed off the medical staff. After arriving and discretely telling them my problem so the other guests can't hear, I am told that I need to come between crew hours ~ in otherwords, after 4pm. Yes, I get to itch all day. So after being told I could maybe see the doctor, I go ask him if he can take a quick look, he tells me the form needs to be completed by the head of the department ~ wait a minute, that is me ~ and tells me he won't see me until crew hours. I mutter something about this being absolutely ridiculous as he is sitting in his office doing nothing at the moment, tear up the form in front of him and walk off in a huff... Yep that's right, I sure know how to 'Win Friends and Influence People' she says as she itches her way back to the Computer Room... =)